My collection of book dummies ("pre-published" works in progress)
Not Like Me

Chester the guinea pig is not very nice. He wants to exclude other guinea pigs from playing with him and his kinder, gentler brother Scribbles - just because of what they look like. When Chester needs help - who will help him? Literally addressing the issue of appearances through playful guinea pig characters, Not Like Me will show kids that friends come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Arissa and the Queen's Mice
This dummy sprang from my Red Queen with Mouse Parade image. My goal for this book is to draw lavish and exquisite art to match the style of my original character. It's ambitious indeed! This sample cover art below isn't finished (mostly the mice need faces!). I realize if this one is ever picked up, I will have committed to drawing more anthropomorphized mice than any one artist should (even Walt Disney had helpers drawing Mickey, I know it)! Not a problem, though. I love rodents, and I love drawing. Piece o' cake! :)

See Through Blob Educational Fun Series

Blob appears from under Danny and Dolly's bed to scare the children, but instead, they are fascinated with him! When mom agrees that he can stay and be part of the family, they decide he needs a check up. Blob's hilarious antics make this the perfect book for young children who might be a little nervous about going to the doctor's office. This book has an assigned ISBN to a paperback version, but it has not been printed for distribution or sale. Wouldn't it be great if Blob was the star of many educational health care books for kids? Since he's see-through, there is ample opportunity to address ailments that affect his body!

Violet the Vole

Violet the Vole loves juicy red berries, and she works hard at picking the best ones. In this wordless picture book story, she finds the biggest, juiciest red berry that she's ever seen: only, it's not a berry; it is the knob on a remote control for a toy airplane! Watch her fly high in the sky in this exciting adventure. When she arrives home, Violet realizes that because she kept an eye out for the very best, she was rewarded with more than she ever imagined. My dummy uses bright colors and a modern style toy airplane. However, I may try it with a biplane and more of an overall sepia-tone for a nostalgic appeal that can be more timeless.

 Big Brother Quentin

Big Brother Quentin is my first book idea for very young children. Quentin is only 2 years old, and he has everything he needs. But what happens when a new baby comes along? I enjoyed working in this simpler art style with bold colors. The story highlights an interracial family, based on my real-life niece and her family. Here are some sample interior sketches: